Vision, Mission & Our Core Values Toggle

Our integrated approach to Facility Management ensures that we constantly develop strategies to dynamically combine resources and activities and to provide clients a platform to achieve their business goals.


  • To be an Innovative leader in the Facility Management Space
  • To enhance current services, influence future growth and sustainable development
  • Enhance customer satisfaction


  • Our focus is towards sustainable improvement, value addition and customer satisfaction
  • Providing quality service in an efficient and professional manner to ensure safety and comfort of all stakeholders of the organisation.

Core Values

It goes without saying that our responsibility and responsiveness to customer requirements are an integral part of our culture, but what really makes a difference is our passion for delivering value and customer experience.

GtS seeks to provide the highest standards and professional conduct in all aspects of our service delivery to our customers which includes;

  • Service delivery to our customers
  • Compliance towards all statutory requirements
  • Safety and welfare of the employee